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Clinical Supervision

Supervision for helping professionals from a culturally responsive, intersectional lens

Are you seeking a supervision space that is supportive and non-judgemental where you can safely air out your truest feelings, thoughts and concerns about work?


Are you seeking to cultivate a long lasting, reliable supervision relationship that allows you to grow and develop your clinical skills, broaden your perspectives on clients presentation, work through process, transference/counter-transference issues, and  challenge you?


Do you need the right type of supervision support to ensure you can emotionally and psychologically continue this work long term?

I can help with
  • Prioritising your unique supervision needs within each session

  • Provide you with a safe, supportive, reflective space to process what this work brings up for you.

  • Allow you to professionally grow and develop into a more self-aware, conscious, informed and effective clinician

  • Address process issues including transference and counter-transference

  • Integrate evidence based treatment interventions, theoretical frameworks and research into the practical work you do with clients.

  • Have a particular focus on supporting clinicians of colour and clinicians working with people of colour through a culturally responsive approach

  • Have a particular interest in Schema Therapy, IFS, ACT and Attachment focused approaches

  • Apply an intersectional, trauma informed and culturally responsive framework to supervision

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