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Culturally Sensitive Counselling

Individual Counselling Support for People from Multicultural Backgrounds

Being a Sri Lankan / South Asian migrant and Person of Colour, I understand how your cultural background can influence your life in a variety of ways. Culture shapes the perceptions we have of ourselves, our identity and belonging, family dynamics and how we relate to those around us. Many culturally diverse and BIPOC individuals in Australia have stories of feeling discriminated, misunderstood or excluded. These may be stories of overt racism such as racial slurs or subtle yet still defining experiences such as comments about skin colour made by peers or being asked ‘where are you from?’ because you look ‘different.’ These incidences make us feel like outsiders, like there's something wrong with us, which can have huge effects on our self-worth.


It is so important to find a therapist who truly understands how the culture that you or your parents grew up in influences your experience of the world. I support individuals from all cultural backgrounds by seeking to understand each person's unique circumstances. If it relates to you, I will draw upon my own personal experiences of being a South Asian Person of Colour to genuinely empathise and support you from a place of understanding.

I can help with
  • Stigma around separation / divorce

  • Impact of patriarchy for women

  • Gender roles and expectations

  • Family / domestic violence

  • Culture, sex, and relationships

  • Perfectionism and workaholism

  • Over-obedience, people-pleasing and passivity

  • Cultural pressures/expectations e.g. academic success, career, marriage, life-stage

  • Internalised racism and/or internalised narratives from your cultural community or family of origin

  • Language barriers – I speak fluent Sinhalese and English. I also work with interpreters for a range of languages

  • Cultural clashes with family, friends, colleagues

  • Racial trauma

  • Issues with identity & belonging

  • Culture shock and adjustment difficulties for migrants

  • Boundary setting, assertive communication and learning to prioritise your own needs

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