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Couples Counselling

Relationship Support for Couples

Relationships can be hard. Understanding how you and your partner can have a more fulfilling relationship can be life changing. Relationships that feel  emotionally exhausting, where you're not prioritised, your needs are not being met, you don't feel good enough, you feel controlled, or suffocated, can feel completely consuming and impact other aspects of our lives. 

As adults we bring in so many conscious and unconscious patterns into our relationships. What we've learnt from our parents relationships, messaging from community, society, religion and culture, attachment wounds from childhood, traumatic life experiences and conflict styles can shape how secure, trusting, loved and cared for we feel in our relationships. But, often it can be difficult to bring the unconscious to the conscious, leaving these patterns to run the show and sabotage our experience in relationships.

Relationship therapy involves deeply understanding you and your partner, to recognise what's really going on at the core of your relationship. From this place of understanding, we can then work out together, how best to nourish and strengthen the relationship. 

I can help with
  • Improving conflict styles

  • Cultivating a more secure relationship

  • Navigating cheating and infidelity

  • Sexual intimacy challenges e.g. performance anxiety, sexlessness, issues with desire

  • Same-sex relationship

  • Trans relationships

  • Interracial relationships

  • Attachment issues within relationships 

  • Mental health and neurodiversity within relationships

  • Difficulties with conceiving 

  • Mistrust/trust issues 

  • Relationship adjustment to change e.g. a child, migration, new job/house

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