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Couples Therapy

Relationship therapy tailored to your unique relationship challenges.

Every relationship comes with its unique strengths and difficulties. When two seperate people with very different life stories, beliefs, identities and experiences come together, things can get complex, confusing and messy. 

Through responsive and inclusive relationship therapy, we will understand the unique challenges that exist within your relationship dynamic as well as the individual aspects that each of you bring to the relationship. This includes each of your beliefs, upbringing, culture and societal influences, neurodiversity, gender and sexual identities, trauma and attachment histories.

By understanding you as individuals, we can better understand the relationship dynamic between you and your partner. We can discover what cycles and patterns exist between you, where they come from and why they're there and how you can break free from them to form more helpful and strengthening patterns of relating. 

Part of our focus in couples therapy is skill building so that you and your partnered are empowered to tackle the inevitable complexities and challenges that come up in a relationship.


We can support you to build skills in:

  • Conflict resolution and management skills

  • Skills to repair and recover when conflict occurs

  • Communication skills e.g. less criticism, defensiveness and avoidance. 

  • Learning how to respond to unmet needs within the relationship

  • Learning how to identify and express your own needs within the relationship

  • Understanding attachment patterns and developing a more secure attachment with your partner

  • Co-regulating and self-soothing skills 

  • Skills in identifying and transforming damaging cycles within the couple

  • Building trust and commitment

  • Managing values clashes

  • Recovery from affairs and betrayals

  • Strategies for sexual intimacy issues e.g. performance anxiety, sexlessness, issues with desire

  • Managing mental health and neurodiversity within relationships

  • Managing complexities relating to interracial / inter-faith couples

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